Kanteen Cape Karpa

Rooted with our principles, we started with creating our Karpa ‘kanteens’ in office buildings. The first realized kanteen is Cape Karpa at Pharos Hoofddorp. All Kanteens will be delivered from our own local Karpa Farm Kitchen. This way we know for sure that all the ingredients are local, come from good soil and therefore full of taste and nutritions. We offer 8 different food concepts in our restaurant. Check them out beneath.

Karpa Goodness straight from our Farm Kitchen


Jolly Juices

The Jolly Juice is our smart guy. It is our zero waste hero. The liquid healthy lunch.

Take a shot!
Boost your immune system. And your day!


Super Salad

Forget all your ideas about whatever you think “just a salad” is. Our Super Salads always contains 7 veggies and our chefs create this salad following 5 steps. Because of this it combines 2 superpowers: giving you enough energy to get you back to work completely satisfied, without causing this dreadful afternoon-dip.



Power Pizza

It’s a salad? It’s a pizza? No, its Karpa Power Pizza!
Your dose of veggies, disguised as your favourite comfort dish. We combine the good, exchange the bad and make it beautiful.

The crust is made with vitalised water and 70% spelt. This way Power Pizza saves you from bloating belly and afternoon-dips caused by empty carbohydrates.

We top it off with a Chefs’ salad or salad of your perky choice. And there you have it: your guilt-free pizza experience.


Wondrous Wrap

A bunch of veggies and lettuce wrapped up in a wrap from healthy grain mix, such as chia, broken linseed, wheat and kamut.

This way, we turn your light salad in a firm bite, that gets you through the day.



Smart Soup

Our Smart Soup is -as the name gives away- one of the smartest kids in town. Our Karpa Academy chefs are trained to work with the farmers and to know which vegetables are abundant from the land in any moment.

And how to combine them in 2 delicious vegetable soups per day.

Rich in creativity, rich in ingredients and rich in taste.
Let your tummy be heart-warmed and inside-hugged.


Marvelous Meals

Let’s go all the mediterranean way and have an abundant hot meal for lunch! What we call it marvellous:

-Marvellous plant based meal – happy people & happy animals too! (fish or meat on request possible)
-Let yourself be surprised by real, seasonal ingredients.
-The pleasant prospect of not having to prepare a hot meal yourself tonight.


Smart-grain Sandwiches

Straight from our special bakery baked just for us.
Smart-grains bread

Seasonal toppings, decided upon by Mother Nature. Sprinkled with micro vegetables.
These are rich in flavor and in nutritional value. Win-win.



Surprise! Special

This is for the dare devils of the office. Who love the sweet taste of surprise.

It gives our chefs the freedom to use left-over-ingredients in a surprising new way. Or come up with new experiments from the Farm Kitchen Innovation Lab.

One day it can be a quiche, the other day chick pie fries…, who could tell?

How to get this food at your office?

Yes it is possible! Interested in getting the Karpa Goodness straight from our Farm Kitchen at your office? Get in touch with Herke Tuinstra. You can ask him (almost) anything.

Karpa. Good soil, good food, good people