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We believe “good food” to be yummy, organic, hyper-local and seasonal. It is grown on the healthy, nutritious soil of our allotment and local farmers. Prepared directly and freshly in The Farm Kitchen. Which is a…. kitchen on a farm. Yes, our vision is -as they say- “stupid simple”: we create yummy food in co-creation with Momma Earth. She decides what’s ready to be harvested on the land. The farmers whisper it to our chefs. And they, under the inspirational direction of well-known chef Jonathan Karpathios, turn it into a healthy, vibrant meal for you. Our lunch gives you enough energy to get you back to work completely satisfied, without causing this dreadful afternoon-dip.

As we say: “Good soil, good food, good people”.

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Well we are very happy to tell you can now order our The Box lunch online! Just click here. We made a selection of 4 different lunch options and you can also add some a fresh Jolly Juice. But in time we will also offer hot meals and more.  So keep an eye on our site.

Karpa. Good soil, good food, good people