Our flagship restaurant
Kanteen Cape Karpa @Pharos

We are all about bringing healthy and yummy food to people. We decided to start doing this to the working people. We found a great location to do so @Pharos in Hoofddorp. Pharos stands for healthy working, what better place to bring healthy food to a building that is all about health. The construction people are working really hard to build our restaurant. We are hoping to open the doors in September/October this year. Of course, you can enjoy an amazing yummy lunch, but there’s more! It is also possible to work, have meetings, enjoy a cup of the best coffee there is, enjoy after-work drinks (and bites) including entertainment. It will be a multi-functional place of togetherness.

No worries…you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy a great lunch/meal. We got your back, or should we say…your tummy.

Until the opening of our restaurant, you can still enjoy lunch and coffee in our pop-up Kanteen Cape Karpa and coffee bar @Pharos. We created a great place to enjoy your lunch, relax and connect with people. We would love to welcome you.

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