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We make yummy, organic, local, seasonal food.
You may wake us up in the middle of the night to hold us accountable for our 5 Karpa promises:

Karpa strongly believes in the power of Mother Earth and all she provides us. The nourishment we get from our soil is not only pure but also very delicious. By having our local farmers and chefs work together, bringing all the flavours and colours of the season together, we can turn these products into yummy meals. We bring the taste of real food!

Karpa. Good soil, good food, good people

Who planted the Karpa seeds?

Karpa was founded by [Kitchen and entrepreneur rebel] chef and award-winning cookbook author Jonathan Karpathios and ex-CEO Wessanen Benelux and entrepreneur Xander Meijer. They both want people to reconnect with real, pure food. Also make people more aware of what food can do for your health and vitality, maybe now even more important than ever. Veggies and healthy food are not boring. Jonathan and his team bring you the best meals that are a true party to your taste buds.

Both Jonathan and Xander are also very much invested in changing our food system. By working closely together with local farmers we’re working towards a short supply chain. Farmers who are interested in shifting to biodiverse farming can reach out to these guys too. Since they both have a lot of experience with fair food and extensive knowledge in turning exhausted soil into healthy rich soil.
Do you want to know more about these guys, what they did and where they come from? Just click on those pretty faces and get to know them better. 😀

What we’re up to now

This is a crazy time due to corona. Business, as usual, is not possible at the moment. So we thought of a way to try to help out where possible. And this is the way we do it…We bring the healthiest and tastiest meals to people in-home care facilities, not only the people who live there, the elderly, but also those who work and care.


It’s really cool to see the chain of support growing, from volunteers that help us deliver all our meals to meals that are getting adopted by various companies. Do you want to contribute too and want to be part of this cool new chain? Get in touch with Vanessa via vanessa@poweroffood.work.

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of the Month

Hi, I ‘m Leek!

Hi, I ‘m

I’m one of the spring vegetables that comes up as soon as the first wild forest plants and leeks start to grow. Young and sweet, I’m the candy of the kitchen. Try me with goat cheese and mint and you’ll be amazed!

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For bookings and events please get in touch with Herke Tuinstra:
info@capekarpa.com | +31 6 21 17 32 09

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Karpa. Good soil, good food, good people